The Opportunity:

Despite the rapid growth of the mobile industry:

  •     less than 1/3 of the world has access to mobile broadband
  •     in the developing world mobile broadband penetration is even lower at 21%

It is estimated there will be another 1 billion more mobile users by 2020 (up from 3.6 billion today).

Sources: 2015 ITU Report & GSMA Mobile Report

Our Company

Tone partners directly with network operators to market co-branded mobile content services to:

  • increase access to mobile broadband around the world
  • reduce the cost of digital content for consumers
  • reach, teach and empower underserved communities
  • increase customer value for mobile carriers, content publishers, brands, governments and NGOs

Tone achieves this mission through strategic partnerships with the following organizations:

  • The GSMA (Groupe Speciale Mobile Association) is the association representing over 800 mobile carriers in 220 countries. Tone has a first of its kind agreement to deliver GSMA’s technology services via local carriers to brands, media companies, governments and NGOs to reach the new global/mobile audience. Tone and GSMA have developed an integrated technology platform to achieve this goal.
  • Tone and US State Department  have a public private partnership to build innovative solutions through mobile technologies that promote sustainable fisheries (“mFish”) in developing countries.

Our Platform

Tone enables subscribers to personalize access to relevant content from an ecosystem of trusted brands across
public and private sectors. The product line includes affordable 3G+ data plans that enable unlimited access
to branded content bundles through the Tone application.